Roof Maintenance

Practical Roofing offering Commercial and Industrial Roof Maintenance services across England, United Kingdom.

Roof sheeting can be damaged or corrode over time leading to risks to health and safety and leaks.

These problems can be prevented by taking preventative measures such as simple roof maintenance. This can involve the cleaning of sheeting to remove and prevent moss growth, particularly on asbestos roofs which can cause leaks and damage through its growth. Asbestos roofs are more difficult to maintain due to their fragile nature but we can provide maintenance programs prolonging the life of the roof.

Specialised coatings can be applied to damaged or cracked fibre cement sheeting offering a waterproof seal to otherwise difficult areas to weatherproof. This type of coating is resilient and adaptable often offering a guarantee of up to 10 years. Guttering and drainpipes require regular clearing and maintenance too, to ensure they are working efficiently.

Prolonged lack of attention to your roof can result in leaks forming which could otherwise have been prevented and avoided. These leaks can often not be sources and lead to severe structural damage. The cost of a roof maintenance contract can seem minute compared to the financial burden of structural repair works.

The Process

To carry out roof maintenance to the whole of the site, this will include cleaning out the gutters and the removal of debris. A general inspection of the roof area and any noticeable loose, filler blocks, flashing, closures or fixings to be re fixed temporary repair where required.

To clean the entire gutter back to vents collars and pipes and check all seals. Observations will also be recorded on the current state and condition of the roof and any item that may need attention in the near future

Part of our Guttering Services include:

  • Elastomeric Waterproof Coating
  • Seamless Valley gutter lining
  • Valley Gutter mono- Lasto- Meric
  • Treatment System
  • Valley Gutter Coating System
  • Valley Gutter Lining
  • Unifold Gutter System
  • Bi Annual and Annual Gutter Clean

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At Practical Roofing we offer specialist and comprehensive commercial and industrial roof maintenance.

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